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A home-grown leader in public transport, the Transit Systems business had grown to cover several Australian states and operations as far away as London and Singapore. Creature provided brand strategy to ensure ongoing success as their portfolio of localised operations continues to expand.


Transit Systems are an Australian-based operator of public transport networks. Over the course of two decades, their business had expanded in an organic fashion, with each new contract win or acquisition bringing a new name, logo and fleet of vehicles under their maintenance. With their business now spanning several Australian states and reaching as far away as London and Singapore, the question of how to consolidate their family of brands was put to Creature.


Through the process of our strategic consultation, it became evident that despite their international presence, the success of each local business was underpinned by their ability to implement local solutions uniquely tailored to meet the needs of their government clients and the communities in which they operate. They also loved their existing logo despite its legibility issues. Rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, we sought to unify their operations as a family.


The result is a dynamic visual identity system able to be deployed on scale yet with that vital local touch.

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