Placewell was hatched in 2023 with a vision to become the premier creator, owner and manager of thriving residential and mixed-use communities in the United States and Australia within the next five years. And so Creature set about designing a thoughtful brand that could convey the gravitas and scale necessary to support the founder's vision from the very beginning.

Planning & Development
USA / Australia
coming soon

Placewell’s core focus is creating places that can greatly improve the well-being of the people that inhabit them, summed up in the name and supported by the promise 'creating places where people thrive.'

After assisting Placewell with the TradeMark application process, we set about define the essential visual elements that would come to define the brand.

Our solution incorporates various geometric shapes on a grid, is symbolic of the various facets that Placewell bring to each community. The introduction of various vibrant colours conveys both their purpose and their personality.