photography / videography

Office for Youth

Creature was engaged through a tender process to work with the Queensland Government's Department of Environment & Science (Office For Youth) to produce a library of photography and videography covering a broad range of subject matter they regularly communicate about. 

Queensland Government
Environment & Science (DES)

We wanted to capture genuine moments to make the photography believable and therefore engaging, so we set about casting a diverse pool of talent and shooting on locations that cover urban, suburban, coastal and rural settings. 

Spanning 6 days, we set about ticking as many subject matter boxes as possible. The result is a bank of 600+ images complete with matching luggage video empowering their inhouse design team to create communications as and when needed.

Possibly one of the most satisfying moments on shoot was being photographed ourselves... that's Simon, camera in hand, as seen on Google Street View. You might recognise the models from the shot above.