marketing management / graphic design

Night Feast Campaign

Faced with time and logistical constraints, the Brisbane Powerhouse marketing team enlisted Creature for our expertise and experience in rolling out campaigns for the arts sector.

Brisbane Powerhouse

Creature played a pivotal role in supporting Brisbane Powerhouse's marketing efforts for the inaugural Night Feast. Faced with time constraints and without the opportunity to provide a detailed brief, we were called upon for our expertise in executing efficient and high-impact campaigns.

Creature not only promptly delivered on all requested tasks but also skilfully negotiated media buys and secured numerous bonus activities. The project extended beyond the initial scope, as Creature was subsequently asked to design advertising assets and the event program. Our proactive approach involved liaising with key stakeholders, allowing the Brisbane Powerhouse marketing team to concentrate on other projects.

Creature's ability to navigate the dynamic marketing landscape with agility and creativity significantly contributed to the event's success, with Night Feast surpassing expectations by attracting 125,000 visitors and generating a substantial economic impact of $6.54 million. The collaboration between Brisbane Powerhouse and Creature proved instrumental in bringing this innovative event to life.