brand refresh

Stockyard Beef

Elevating the brand of one of Australia's most awarded beef producers and exporters


Arguably, modern 'branding' owes its origins to the 1500s and the practice of burning a mark onto cattle to determine ownership in the event an animal being lost, stolen or mixed up in another herd. These origins were not lost on us when Creature was brought onboard to strategically evaluate Stockyard's brand suite and realign them with their goals for the market.

Our first challenge was to carve up their industry leading Angus beef production line to introduce a premium tier of branded product.

This could not be done in isolation, as a new Angus product in the mix had potential to either erode confidence in their industry leading 'Gold' brand, or even worse, compete against it.

After careful collaboration with Stockyard's sales and leadership teams, plus input via international distributors, their new flagship 'Prospect' brand was hatched.

With an eye to the future, Creature worked to craft a unified vision for Stockyard's stable of brands, delivering upon the immediate need at the same time as setting the agenda for subsequent brand updates.