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Del Solar

A fashionable new venture for pro beach volleyballer Mariafe Artacho del Solar. Creature delivered an uplifting brand and e-commerce platform for her new loungewear apparel line, Del Solar The Label.


Working hand in hand with Mariafe, Creature translated her vision into a brand that goes beyond fashion, aiming to empower individuals to celebrate their unique identities and pursue dreams with comfort and confidence.

The tagline "elevate your everyday" encapsulates the brand's core philosophy, mirroring Mariafe's belief that everyone deserves their moment in the light. The brand name, inspired by the founder's name and the sun, finds visual representation in a contemporary sun icon and the choice of serif fonts lends a modern, everyday aesthetic with a touch of elegance, setting the tone for a brand that seamlessly blends comfort and style. Drawing inspiration from road trips around the sun, the colour palette and look book photography infuse the brand with positivity and energy.
The Creature team thoroughly enjoyed working with Mariafe to bring her vision to life.