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Heart of Gold Campaign

In response to the escalating competition in the educational landscape, St Laurence’s College collaborated with Creature to redefine its brand, recognising the imperative need for a distinctive identity.

St Laurence's College

Creature conducted a comprehensive brand workshop involving not only the marketing and leadership teams but parent representatives. This workshop delved into the college's unique benefits and paved the way for a campaign that would set the school apart, Heart of Gold.

The Heart of Gold campaign was carefully crafted to communicate the depth of its tagline, symbolising St Laurence’s commitment to digging deep, and standing by your convictions and community. The energetic and bold look, inspired by sports brands, leveraged the school's black and gold colours, and aimed to convey a sense of strength and unity. Utilising candid photography and videography capturing authentic student moments, the campaign emphasised approachability, consistently referring to the college colloquially as 'Lauries.' Most importantly, real students and their stories were featured to highlight the college culture and authenticity of the campaign.

Primarily designed to drive enrolments, the Heart of Gold campaign resonated so well within the school community that it organically became an informal school motto. Creature developed a microsite to showcase student stories and enrolment information in an easily digestible format. A suite of advertising assets was also created to support various sub-campaigns, such as Year 5 and Year 7 enrolments, along with guiding brand principles and templates for internal teams to create additional assets. The campaign's outstanding results included high organic and paid engagement, culminating in St Laurence’s College receiving the prestigious QLD Summit Award for Recognising Excellence in Marketing and Communication at the Educate Plus QLD Summit Awards.