full brand inception

Armour X

Franklyn had been licensees of Crimsafe security screens for over a decade, but in recent years they had begun to feel like they were the only one's pushing the brand in market. Behind the scenes, Creature began working with Franklyn to name, badge and launch their newly patented security screen into the South East Queensland market.

Franklyn Security & Blinds
South East Queensland


The name 'ArmourX' is the result of a considerable strategic process involving all levels of Franklyn leadership (don't forget the lawyers and IP Australia).

Once we landed on a name the real fun began. Being that it is a product brand, we had the challenge of crafting a logomark able to live alongside Franklyn's own oddly shaped logo. Our solution had to be flexible enough to be able to adorn the product itself, as well as all manner of advertising mediums under the Franklyn banner.

Franklyn have their own in house design team, so it was a case of empowering them with a style guide and initial designs, then watching our baby grow from afar.


We knew we had to give reason for the about face from Crimsafe. In a nutshell we had to convey that 'Crimsafe was good, but ArmourX is better'.

As such, we wanted to keep the tone positive, without resorting to any slagging off the incumbent, nor using any of the fear tactics so many security products tend to employ.  

Our concept involved pulling a BIG favour from Franklyn founder Frank Galea... We not only asked him to come out of semi-retirement, we also asked him to deliver a narration.