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The initiative enables new home owners to harness the power of the sun and inherently, cuts the cost of their household energy bills in half. Customers can choose to own the system outright the day they move, or forget it’s up there and it’s theirs to keep in 60 months.


‘Nothing in this world is free’ said everyone’s father ever. SolarPay’s competitors seem to have learnt this and have moved onto terms like ‘no-cost solar’ which just feels odd and still makes us sceptical. Customers were also overwhelmed by the choices involved and putting the decision in their ‘too hard basket’. We needed to explain that SolarPay ‘pays for itself’ upfront, then better explain how it works.


Customers are constantly bombarded by stock ‘solar and sunsets’ every time they jump online. The visual language of the sector was stale, but herein lies the opportunity. By pushing Solarpay’s look and feel beyond the norm we were able to visually demonstrate that SolarPay transcends the competition. For starters, we developed 3D rendered solar panels to use as graphic elements across the new branding. In addition we shot photography and a video explaining the scheme. These assets combined to make a product website allowing builders and their design teams to spec a package with a customer. In addition, we developed several presentation decks with live calculators that help the SolarPay team to demonstrate the value of the package to prospective builders.

  • Logo
  • Brand Strategy
  • Website
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Brochure

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