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Hyne Timber

For years the timber industry has fought a variety of battles – from the negative perception of logging, to the perceived greater risk of fire. And of course there's termite damage... All of these factors have played into the hands of the steel industry who have grown richer and subsequently far more vocal in the market.

But times are a changing, and with carbon emissions now at the forefront of everybody's minds, Creature began working with Hyne Timber and Planet Ark to understand the science, crunch the numbers, and realise the opportunity timber has to help society fight climate change.


We began by uncovering amazing facts about timber, such as the fact the volume of timber needed to build your average sized home (12m3) will grow back in an Australian plantation forest in under a minute! This is in stark contrast to the woeful carbon footprint of steel or concrete. As more and more reasons to love timber were discovered, the brand tagline might as well have written itself.


By crafting typography that showcases the natural beauty of timber, we’ve ensure the characteristics of the product itself remain front and centre even when used in conjunction with imagery of people, mills, and even the somewhat taboo subject of harvesting a log.


We put together a bundle of key assets to help Hyne’s internal communications team to hit the road and roll out to their many manufacturing, distribution and corporate locations across Australia.

Below is a bite-sized sample of the project. Enjoy.
  • Strategy
  • Brand Tagline
  • Vision & Mission
  • Logo Device
  • Custom Typography
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Video
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