Bridging the gap

Comprising a passenger app, fleet of cartoon-like mini-buses, driver tablet, and a data engine, the platform promises to cut down on costly empty buses whilst improving supply and demand. With beginnings in Boston, Washington DC and Kansas City, the previously ‘tech’ oriented BRIDJ operation was bought by experienced Australian public transport operator Transit Systems. After landing in Australia, the team have hit the ground running. Starting with trials in Sydney’s West and Bondi regions, BRIDJ is now contracted to operate services in Sydney’s Inner West, complementing Transit System’s more traditional bus operations.
Ordering a bus with an app… sounds simple, right? (Spoiler alert: It’s not!) Perhaps the biggest challenge we have faced is people’s minds comparing the service to Uber. Media love perpetuating “the Uber for buses” myth, and then Transport for NSW decided they wanted the service to operate under a new ‘On-Demand Public Transport’ brand, which is not only a big stretch, but has made it difficult to educate users that they must order an On-Demand bus via the BRIDJ app.
Next steps
As the team emerge from their ‘learning’ phase and prepare to scale, there is still much work to be done. We have discovered local government authorities on the large prefer to operate under their own brand banner, and in this manner, the purpose of the BRIDJ brand has shifted from being B2C towards a B2B/B2G focus. With service expansions on the horizon, we are working to future-proof materials ready for this purpose, and are heavily involved in the user experience of the BRIDJ passenger app as plans to allow the app to be white-labelled and be deployed in a localised manner get underway.
  • Brand Refresh

  • Design of Marketing Collateral

  • Sales Materials

  • Website Design

  • Illustration & Animation
App IA, UX and UI

We helped Bridj communicate with clarifty to consumers and government bodies.

With service expansions on the horizon, the app  can easily be white-labelled and redeployed for new transport partners.

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